Veggie Facts

Yum Yards Vegetable Fact Sheet

The following list comprises commonly grown vegetables that do well in raised bed gardens.  There are other vegetables that are not on this list because they do not do well in raised beds and/or are not worth the time and space commitments for the type of gardens we service.

VegetablePlanting Season(s)Harvest InformationSpecial Considerations
ArugulaEarly Spring/FallPick when leaves are small.  Leaves get bitter once the weather warms above 70 degrees.Very short lived crop in cool weather.
Beans (Bush)SummerPick when pods are small.  Pods get tough when allowed to fully matureHarvest often for best flavor
Beans (Pole)SummerPick when pods are small.  Pods get tough when allowed to fully matureNeed sturdy stakes and trellis to climb
BeetsEarly Spring/FallPull at any size stage.  Beet greens are best when smaller.  Prone to being eaten by rabbits and deer
BroccoliEarly Spring/FallCut off head before warm weather.  Side sprouts may form after main head is removedCabbage worms are a major concern.  Regular application of bT is needed
CantaloupeSummerHarvest when rind changes from green to tan or yellow.  Fruit should pull off easily.  If difficult to pull, it may not be ripe yet.Need sturdy stakes and trellis to climb.
CarrotEarly Spring/FallPull at any stage.Slow growing
CauliflowerFallHarvest right before the first freeze of the fall.Cabbage worms are a major concern.  Regular application of bT is needed
CollardsEarly Spring/FallHarvest at any stage
CucumberSummerPick when fruits are small.  Larger fruits have tougher skin and more seeds.Susceptible to powdery mildew and attacks by cucumber beetles.  Regular fungicide application needed.
EggplantSummerPick at any stage.  Larger fruits will have tougher skin and more seeds.Attacked by flea beetles.  Apply Pyola as needed.
Ground CherrySummerHarvest when fruits fall to the ground
GarlicLate FallHarvest scapes when they start to curl. Dig bulbs in late June orJuly when the two lower leaves turn brown.
KaleEarly SpringHarvest lowest leaves on the plant allowing the top to continue growing.Cabbage worms are a major concern.  Regular application of bT is needed
KohlrabiEarly Spring/FallHarvest when around the size of a tennis ball.
LettuceEarly Spring/FallHarvest a few leaves when plants are young.  Pull whole plants as they mature.  Harvest all lettuces before temperatures are consistently in the upper 70’s or higher.
OkraSummerHarvest when pods are the size of your pointer finger.  Larger pods are indelible.Spines from plant can cause skin irritation
OnionEarly SpringPull at any stage for green onions.  Pull when tops fall over for full sized onions.
Pea (Edible podded)Early SpringPick when pods are small.  Larger pods will be tough and stringy.Need sturdy stakes and trellis to climb.
PepperSummerPick at any stage.  Leave on plant longer for colors to developNeed a sturdy stake for support
RadishEarly Spring/FallPick when roots are smaller than your thumb.  Larger roots are woody and hot in flavor.Certain varieties can only be grown in the fall
SpinachEarly Spring/Fall/WinterHarvest at any stage.  Pull entire plants before temperatures are consistently in the 70’s or higher
Summer SquashSummerHarvest at any stage, best when smaller.Attacked by squash bugs and squash vine borers.  Pesticides are not recommended. Re-plant seeds later in summer for later harvest.
Sweet PotatoSummerDig right before first frostTake up a large amount of space and the leaves are very attractive to deer.
Swiss ChardEarly SpringHarvest outer leaves throughout the seasons.
TatsoiEarly Spring/FallHarvest when young and before temperatures reach the 70’s.
TomatilloSummerHarvest when paper husks are full to the touchNeed study stake or cage for support.
TomatoSummerPick at first blush and bring inside to ripen on the counterNeed sturdy stakes and trellis to climb.
TurnipEarly Spring/FallPull at any stage
BasilSummerCut throughout the summerDo not allow flowers to form.
ChivesEarly SpringCut throughout the year
CilantroSummerHarvest when about two to three weeks old.Short lived plant.
DillSummerCut throughout the summer
OreganoSummerCut throughout the year
PapaloSummerCut throughout the summer
ParsleySummerCut throughout the summer
SavorySummerCut throughout the summer
ThymeSummerCut throughout the summer